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30 221 532 square kilometres

More than one thousand species of mammal

More than two thousand species of birds

The African continent is staggeringly diverse. Across this massive landmass, we have are some of the planet’s wildest spaces, and some of the most significant biodiversity hotspots. We’re here to help you unclutter all that information and pick out the best destinations to create your dream holiday.

Our portfolio of suggested itineraries

Themed Safaris

These are for the hardcore enthusiast, and focus very heavily on some of our most spectacular natural features. For example, in Horns & Claws we will take you to experience some of the best predator-prey interactions on the continent, such as the neverending war between the hardy buffalo and the fierce lion. If any of these interest you, but you want to combine with other aspects, or perhaps due a shorter version, please feel free to enquire and mention this. None of our itineraries are set in stone.

Single Country Safaris

Every person's experience of a country will differ, depending on their interests and who they meet and what they do, so our single-country suggestions are designed to highlight what are typically thought to be the best features of the respective countries. We are happy to tailor these trips to exactly your preferences – simply let us know when you enquire.

Multi-Country Safaris

These are not necessarily many-week long trips, but instead some natural features that combine well for an interesting trip fall across separate borders. For example, the classic bushveld ambiance of the Kruger combines well with the spectacular geographic splendour of Victoria Falls, and the two are actually a fairly short flight apart but still fall into separate countries. As with our other tours, our recommendations here are based on what we like and what's popular but we can personalise these to include exactly what you want to see when you enquire.