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You have an entire continent at your disposal.

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of it

Cable & Grain Safaris is able to completely customise your itinerary to meet your desires. On these pages, you will find information about all our recommended destinations. In our Tours & Safaris section, we have a few suggestions about which combinations we think work well across all these destinations, but we are happy to talk about what you’d like to do and to find the best way to make your holiday dream come true.

Africa - The Wild Continent

Africa is a continent full of contrast, from some of the most beautiful modern cities in the world, to places so wild that they haven’t seen human activity in decades. For the explorer in you, this continent offers a staggering diversity of treasures. For example, of great renown are the fabled plains of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, where the Great Migration takes place. This is one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, and the milling herds of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelopes, and the beasts that stalk them, have been the subject of numerous nature documentaries.

To the west, across the Great Lakes of the East African Rift, lies a smattering of volcanic peaks, pushed up by the same forces that sunk some of the deepest lakes in the world in the rift valley. The unique geography of the region causes a fertile rainforest climate, and on the slopes of these mountains, hidden in the lush foliage, a mythical creature hides. Pound for pound, their strength puts body builders to shame, and yet the 300 pound mountain gorillas live shy, gentle family lives, moving through the foliage in tightly bonded groups that care for each other while searching for food. If ever the term, gentle giant, were appropriate, it is when watching these primates.

Further south, we have the paradox of the Okavango Delta, near the heart of the Kalahari Desert. This fertile floodplain consists of a multitude of swamps, channels and islands, which soak up the floodwaters that make their way from Angola over the course of a month. Spreading out into all the intricate corners of the delta takes a further four months, swelling the delta to three times its original size. The floodwaters are perfectly timed, as it coincides with Botswana’s dry winter, and the life-giving waters attract wildlife from far and wide. At its annual peak, this ecosystem boasts one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa.

To the east of this lie a stunning diversity of Indian Ocean islands, ranging from tiny, virtually uninhabited fishing havens to vast tropical paradises, with fascinating indigenous flora and fauna. For the hikers, the scuba divers, or the beachside meditators, these islands provide endless hours of pleasure. The warm, calm waters are a pleasure to frolick in at any depth, and their rich life provide plenty of fun for naturalists, aqua photographers and fishermen. The miles upon miles of remote beaches offer soul searching solitude, or heart pounding horse riding. 

On the other side of the continent, you will find the desolate expanses of Namibia, the dune capital of Africa. Here, never ending desert sands rise and fall and rise and tumble into the cold but fertile Atlantic Ocean. The contrast between the animated waters – both by storm and fin – and the lonely sands is immense. However, numerous hardy creatures cling to life among these dunes and in the surrounding desert, from the humble bug to the mighty elephant, with the lucky ones replenishing themselves in the crucial pans of Etosha National Park.

The list goes on. The majestic roar of Victoria Falls is a sight to behold, especially from Devil’s Pool on the Zambian side. The gentle green foothills that lead up to the Drakensberg escarpment hide a hiker’s paradise of trails, valleys, pools and caves. The  Wild Coast and Garden Route of South Africa offers some of the best road tripping in the world, with unbelievable scenery and variety. 

We love this continent; the verdant vibrancy of the bushveld after the first rains, the sound of a campfire with the birds and bugs of the night singing in the background, the smell of dust on the wind foretelling of another magnificent red sunset. This is our home and we delight in sharing it with you.


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